Acacia Prison

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Acacia Prison
Location Wooroloo, Western Australia, 50km east of Perth
Coordinates 31°50′06″S 116°20′27″E / 31.8351°S 116.3409°E / -31.8351; 116.3409Coordinates: 31°50′06″S 116°20′27″E / 31.8351°S 116.3409°E / -31.8351; 116.3409
Status Operational
Security class Medium (Male)
Capacity 1007
Opened 5th May 2001
Closed -
Managed by Serco

Acacia Prison[1] is a medium security prison facility located in Wooroloo, Western Australia. The prison was opened in May 2001. Acacia was the first privately managed prison in Western Australia and was managed by Australian Integration Management Services Corporation (AIMS Corp) for its first five years of operation. Since May 2006 it has been managed by Serco. The prison currently employs over 300 Custodial Officers and 200+ Non Custodial staff to run day-to-day operation.

The prison provides open campus-style living. Prisoners use Fingerprint recognition technology to move within the boundaries of the prison as well as gaining access to their bank accounts and purchasing goods. The prison has a self-care and pre-self section where prisoners cook and clean for themselves. In 2008 the prison began adding additional bunks to cells, increasing capacity from 800 to 1000.

Acacia Prison has an Education Unit run by custodial and non custodial staff including Teachers, Psychologists, Criminologists, Re-settlement staff and Reintegration Officers. They teach a range of classes including violence against women, Domestic violence, Drug and Alcohol programs and Think First classes.

Acacia Prison is currently undergoing a massive expansion to increase prison capacity from 1000 to 1387 set for completion in 2015. As of 2015 Acacia Prison will be the largest prison in Australia and the southern hemisphere.

Serco won the contract[2] to operate the prison after a tender that involved submissions from AIMS, MTC and Serco.