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Industry Patent Licensing & Monetization
Founded 1993[1]
Headquarters Newport Beach, California, USA
Key people
Matthew Vella, CEO & President
Jaime Siegel, Executive Vice President
Robert L. "Chip" Harris, Executive Chairman
Marvin Key, Sr. Vice President Clayton J. Haynes, CFO [1]
Subsidiaries Acacia Technologies

Acacia Research Corporation is an American company based in Newport Beach, California, which, through various subsidiaries, partners with owners of patents and then either licenses them or takes legal action against infringers of its intellectual property.

Acacia is sometimes referred to as a non-practicing entity (NPE) because they derive revenue from licenses and lawsuits rather than from building products.[2][3] While some entities are quick to label Acacia Research with the derogatory term Patent Troll, that is simply not the case. To date, Acacia Research has returned over $643,066,000 to patent owners.[4]

Acacia's approach is to create a subsidiary company for each set of patents it enforces. Currently, 95% of the company's business involves partnering with rightful patent owner and or holders.[5] It currently has 229 known subsidiaries, and 257 active cases as of September 2014, only four of which are not through a subsidiary.[6]

Since the dawn of the industrial age, inventors and emerging innovative companies have been stifled by global corporations who have infringed on their patents. The average patent owner or small to midsize business has virtually zero chance to successfully fight an infringing corporation with unlimited resources and an army of attorneys focused on preventing a challenge to their bottom line. As Acacia Research grew, more and more large corporations began turning to them to help monetize their IP portfolios.[7]


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