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Industry Patent monetization
Founded 1993[1]
Headquarters Newport Beach, California, USA[2]
Key people
Paul R. Ryan, chairman/CEO
Matthew Vella, president[1]
Subsidiaries Acacia Technologies

Acacia Research Corporation is an American company based in Newport Beach, California, which, through various subsidiaries, purchases patents and licenses from them or takes legal action[3] against perceived infringers of its intellectual property.[2]

Acacia is sometimes referred to as a non-practicing entity (NPE) or patent troll because they derive revenue from licenses and lawsuits rather than from building products.[4][5] They're on the 2012 Business Insider list of the 8 most fearsome patent trolls.[6]

Acacia's approach is to create a subsidiary company for each set of patents it enforces. It currently has 229 known subsidiaries, and 257 active cases as of September 2014, only four of which are not through a subsidiary.[7]


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