Académica do Mindelo

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Full name Associação Académica do Mindelo
Ground Estádio Municipal Aderito Sena,
Mindelo, Cape Verde
Ground Capacity 5,000
League São Vicente Island League

Académica (Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: Akadémika, São Vicente Crioulo: Académica or Akadémika) is a football (soccer) club that had played in the Premier division and the São Vicente Island League in Cape Verde. It is based in the city of Mindelo in the island of São Vicente and plays in the stadium with a capacity of 5,000 It is one of the first team ever to win a cup before independence in 1953, a year later, there were no competition until 1956?. Académica won their first title since independence in 1989. Other titles includes four for the island including their recent 2006/07 season win and two opening tournaments along with their recent win.

It is played along with Mindelo's famous teams including GD Amarantes, Castilho, FC Derby and CS Mindelense in the same stadium.


  • Toy Adão
  • Romy (Ramos da Graca)

Former famous players[edit]

Playoff advances[edit]

The team won their fourth insular title and entered the national division. After several years, the team managed to head into the finals and challenged against the rival from the island of Santiago Sporting Clube da Praia. The first leg of the match were nil each and the second leg were tied at one. The most number of points went to the opponent and lost the national title to Sporting in mid-July, earlier than early-August, Académica fans were worried and did not celebrate the victory.


1986/87 1997/98, 2003/04, 2006/07
2001/02, 2006/07