Academic grading in Costa Rica

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Academic grading in Costa Rica works on a 100 point scale (and sometimes in an analog 10 point scale). For primary school level, a 65 is good enough to pass, while in high school and further levels the pass grade is 70. Students who attain from 60 to the pass grade get the chance to take on one extra test that reviews the whole year's topics, and in which a 70 is needed to achieve a pass grade. At oftentimes, high schools would force further through the pass grade to 75 in order to push their students to achieve a higher grade. This only applies to 10th and 11th grade, these being the highest alumni of all high school. This method is primarily focused to improve grades at the extent of obtaining a better a cumulative grade point average throughout both years, leading towards a set of final exams in which this average grade comes into critical importance.[1]


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