Academic grading in Slovenia

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Slovenia inherited the academic grading system of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A five-point grading scale is used in primary and secondary schools:

  • 5: excellent (odlično, best possible grade; usually 90%+)
  • 4: very good (prav dobro, usually 80%+)
  • 3: good (dobro, usually 65%+)
  • 2: sufficient (zadostno, lowest passing grade; usually 50%+)
  • 1: insufficient (nezadostno, lowest possible grade; failing)

Many teachers use minus and plus symbols as grade modifiers. For example, "−5" denotes a grade slightly lower than "excellent", while "+4" denotes a grade slightly higher than "very good". Half-grades such as "4/5" are also used. However, these modifiers are unofficial and do not appear in final grade reports.

In universities, a six-level grading scale is used:

  • 10 excellent (best possible grade)
  • 9 very good
  • 8 very good
  • 7 good
  • 6 sufficient (lowest passing grade)
  • 5 or less (failing grades)