Academy I Middle School

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Academy I Middle School
209 Bergen Ave,
Jersey City, NJ 07305

School district Jersey City Public Schools
Principal Grace Moriarty
Faculty 32.0 (on FTE basis)[1]
Grades 6 - 8
Enrollment 420 (as of 2009-2010)[1]
Student to teacher ratio 13.1[1]
Color(s) Navy blue
Information (201) 915-6500

Academy I Middle School is a public middle school in Jersey City, New Jersey. The school ranks ahead of many Jersey City Public Schools in various areas.

Lexus Environmental Challenge[edit]

The Lexus Environmental Challenge is a program that tells students to create an idea consisting ideas to help protect the environment. For the 2007-2008 school year, a group of five students were chosen to represent the school in the nationwide competition. They are David Chen, Tsering Bista, Matthew Aquino, Yoonji Oh and Crystal Jahoor, and was coached by Mr. Osenenko. They kicked off a campaign to make oceans less polluted. They did this by spray painting "DUMP NO WASTE, DRAINS TO WATERWAYS" using stencils in various Jersey City street corners.[2] The school won this contest; in return, they received $75,000.[3]

Other Programs[edit]

Academy I Middle School is home to 3 programs.

  • The Acceleration and Enrichment Program (the majority of the school's enrollment are in the AEP)
  • The Bridges Program for local students around the area.
  • The Special Needs Program for students with learning/physical disabilities

AEP and the Honor Society[edit]

A main reason for the school's high performance is the fact that it houses the Acceleration and Enrichment Program, a program for advanced students. The Acceleration and Enrichment Program, or AEP, gives its students more challenging work, one year ahead of their grade level. Example: 6th graders take courses that normally 7th graders in other schools would take, 7th graders take courses that normally 8th graders in other schools would take, and 8th graders would take 9th grade honors courses. If an 8th grader passes all of their courses and achieves over an 80 on his/hers final and mid term exams, then he/she is eligible for Advanced Placement (AP) courses. This results in the 8th grader taking 10th grade honors courses while in 9th grade. The student will also be able to, depending on the school, only attend High School for 3 years or take college level courses in senior year. This places them one year ahead of other students their age. However, a student must be recommended by their teacher in order to get Advanced Placement in High School. The best of AEP typically end up attending Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School, High Tech High School, or the Science Magnet Program at William L. Dickinson High School. The students who have achieved a 90+ grade average for all Marking Periods in Grades 6-8 are in an organization called the National Junior Honor Society.

Academy I Middle School Extra Curricular Activities

  • Boys Basketball:
    • Boys' team: Mr. Paul Jones
    • Girls' team: Mr. Anthony Barricella
  • Girls Basketball:
  • Soccer: Coach Monigle
  • Volleyball:
    • Boys' team: Mr. Craig Kelly
    • Girls' team: Mr. Jones
  • Swim Team: Mr. Joseph Osenenko
  • Media Center: Ms. Lisa Rodrick, Mrs. Patricia Espejo
  • Lego Robotics: Mr. Joseph Osenenko, Ms.Lavon de Hebron
    • In the 2009-2010 school year, the Lego Robotics team won the 1st Place Project Presentation Award at the NJ State Lego Championships with their "9/11 Memorial Bridge."
  • Softball: Mr. Yatchnik
  • Band: Mr. Yatchnik
  • Choir: Mr. Gramm
  • Track:
    • Girls' team: Ms. Mazyck
  • Boys' Team: Mr.Hienel
  • Fitness: Ms.Hebron


Academy I, established in September 1966, is an integrated institution composed of three programs. Its diverse educational complex incorporates a Special Needs program, Bridges Academy – a district-wide alternative education program, and the Acceleration and Enrichment Program (AEP) – a district magnet program for academically talented students. Each program provides authentic opportunities for the entire student body to significantly interact with diverse personalities and achievers thereby providing a broad, highly challenging authentic educational experiences for all students.

Academy I is a community with a low student faculty ratio permitting close supervision. It is committed to optimal educational programs, which recognize the unique needs, diverse learning abilities and potential, talents and interests of students. Academy I creates an atmosphere, which provides learning opportunities for all students to develop and broaden their particular abilities and potentials.

As part of the Whole School Reform process, the school has joined the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) program. CES helps promote the concepts of “students maximizing their potential” and a school climate of democracy and equity.

Integrated into the instructional program is a commitment to the arts. Students participate in NJHS, choir, band, instrumental music, artistically talented classes, the Lincoln Center Institute, and fine and performing arts programs partnered with New Jersey School of the Arts. These programs enrich the scope of artistic experiences for our entire school community.

Students at Academy I are active participants in numerous contests, projects, and programs sponsored by local, county, and state agencies, organizations, and educational foundations. These include National Talent Network programs – ROGATE, Joint Activities, FUTUREWORK, and a partnership with the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (HMDC) Environmental Center.

Academy I recognizes “parents are partners” in the education of their students. Newsletters invite and encourage parents/guardians to attend and participate in activities, events, and happenings on a continuous basis. Progress reports keep parents abreast of the academic commitment of their students. In addition, literature is disseminated on a full array of topics assisting parents in their continuous role as the child’s lifelong teacher.

The Academy I uniform consists of a navy blue "school pride" shirt and khaki or black pants or skirt.[4]

Academy I's students participate in several national contests, including eCybermission, Siemens We Can Change the World! Challenge, and the Lexus Environmental Challenge.



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