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University of Arts
Universiteti i Arteve
Latin: Art Academiae
Established 1966
Type Public
Endowment Financed by the Government of Albania
Rector Prof. Petrit Malaj[1]
Academic staff
386, of which 119 full-time tenure track
Administrative staff
Students About 1,200
Location Tirana, Albania
Campus urban
Affiliations ELIA, AEC, Albanian National Opera, Albanian National Theater, Albanian Fine Arts Gallery
UA Logo
[logo=[File:Universiteti i Arteve Tirane

Albanian University of Arts[2] (formerly known as the Academy of Arts) is the main institution that offers higher education in the arts in Albania.


Founded in 1966 as the High Institute of Arts, it merged three artistic institutions: the Tirana State Conservatory, the Higher School of Fine Arts, and the High School for Actors “Aleksander Moisiu”. The Academy of Arts was able to take advantage of the Russian tradition in classical music and ballet due to the fact that Albania and Russia had close relationships during communism. The school still maintains ties with the Russian School of Ballet and Classical Music. In 1991, the High Institute of Arts was promoted to university level and renamed Academy of Arts. On October 12, 2009, the President of the Republic of Albania, Bamir Topi awarded the Academy of Arts the "Grand Master Order".[3]


The Academy of Arts has three faculties:

The artists trained in the institution have become well known in dance, music, theater, film, and television in Albania and abroad. The teaching staff and associates of the Art Academy are musicologists, instrument players, painters, sculptors, theatre, film, and television directors, actors, stage designers, and choreographers.

Art Academy main building, a local landmark built in the 1930s during the Italian occupation in the Rationalist architecture style


From its creation until 1991 the High Institute of Arts was led by a Director. From 1997 to the present, it is directed by a Rector.

The Directors/Rectors of the University of Arts
1966 - 1969  Vilson Kilica (1932– ), painter, (Director of the High Institute of Arts)
1969 – 1973 Tefik Çaushi (-), writer, (Director of the High Institute of Arts)
1973 – 1978 Lili Zhamo (-), (Director of the High Institute of Arts)
1978 – 1981 Ibrahim Madhi (-), Professor of violin, (Director of the High Institute of Arts)
1981 – 1988 Kristo Jorgji (-), film director, (Director of the High Institute of Arts)
1988 – 1991 Jakup Mato (1934–2005), (Director of the High Institute of Arts)
1991 – 1992 Fatmir Hysi (-), musicist, (Director of the Academy of Arts)
1992 – 1995 Bujar Kapexhiu (1944– ), film director and actor (Director of the Academy of Arts)
1995 – 1997 Gjergj Zheji (1926–2010), writer, (Director of the Academy of Arts)
1997 – 2008 Kastriot Çaushi (1954– ), actor, Professor of Drama (Rector of the Academy of Arts)
2008 – Petrit Malaj (1961– ), actor, Professor of Drama (Rector of the Academy of Arts, Rector of the University of Arts)

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On December 15, 2011, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Academy of Arts, the Albanian Post issued a new postal stamp [4] dedicated to this event. The stamp was introduced during a ceremony at the Main Hall of the University of Arts by the Head of the Philately Department of the Albanian Posts and the Rector Prof. Petrit Malaj.

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