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Acadian Asset Management LLC
Subsidiary of Old Mutual plc
Industry Financial services
Founded 1977
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Products Investment management

Acadian Asset Management LLC is a Boston-headquartered investment management firm with wholly owned affiliates located in Singapore and London. Its wholly owned affiliate in Singapore is licensed with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Acadian Asset Management Singapore Pte Ltd.) Its affiliate in the U.K. (Acadian Asset Management (UK) Ltd.) is authorized as an investment manager with the UK Financial Services Authority.

Acadian specializes in active global and international equity strategies, employing sophisticated analytical models for active stock selection as well as peer group (country, region and industry) valuation. The firm also offers fixed income strategies in the emerging markets. Acadian's proprietary database covers over 40,000 securities in more than 60 markets worldwide. The firm's extensive research capabilities are used to develop customized investment management strategies for clients.

Acadian Asset Management was acquired by United Asset Management in 1992; UAM was acquired by Old Mutual in 2000.[1]

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