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Accademia Apulia UK is a non-profit organization founded in April 2008 in London, designed to foster a cross-cultural dialogue between communities worldwide. The commitment to nurture an international artistic dialogue is reflected in the annual photography award, which, to date, has received the patronage of Amnesty International, the British Council, the European Commission, the International Organisation for Migration, and the Government of Apulia, where the Accademia’s own journey first began. The Awards are intended to inspire artists from different communities to reflect on the importance of cultural diversity in a fast-changing world.

Members include politicians and leading executives whose distinguished careers provide an exemplary template for aspiring young professionals. Karen Essex, Arturo Brachetti, John Shand Kydd, Gianrico Carofiglio, Nancy Dell'Olio are amongst them.

The Accademia is led by philanthropist Angelo Iudice, an ambassador of Apulia in London for over 25 years, who founded the association wishing to champion the importance of social inclusion.


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