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Accell Group NV
Industry Bicycle Manufacturing
Headquarters Heerenveen, Netherlands
Products Bicycles
Revenue 628,5 million in 2011

Accell Group NV is a Dutch holding company which owns several European bicycle manufacturers. Besides bikes, the Accell Group is also involved in the production of fitness equipment. Accell is one of the largest producers of bicycles and bicycle parts in the world.[citation needed]


The Accell Group has several production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary and Finland. Besides these locations several parts are produced in East Asia. The production locations in the Netherlands are located in Heerenveen (Batavus and Koga Miyata) and Apeldoorn (Sparta). In Germany the production locations are in Sennfeld (Winora and Staiger). In the Hungarian Tószeg it owns a factory where mainly Hercules, but also Sparta bikes are being made. Fitness equipment is made in Finland. Accell also owns factories in Andrézieux-Bouthéon and Dijon, France. Accell also has a factory in Manisa, Turkey


Besides supplying bicycles to independent vendors, the Accell Group owns Seattle Bike Supply, an American company which focuses on the design and building of BMX bikes, Loekie a Dutch brand of kids bikes, the German Bike Parts which supplies bike parts to specialised trade and Tunturi, a Finnish produces of fitness equipment and bicycles, Bremshey a German producer of fitness equipment and Juncker Bike Parts, which supplies parts and accessories to the Dutch bicycle shops.


The following brands are part of the Accell Group:

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