Ace of Hearts (2008 film)

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Ace of Hearts
DVD cover
Directed by David Mackay
Produced by Randy Cheveldave
Written by Frederick Ayeroff
Starring Dean Cain
Britt McKillip
Mike Dopud
Anne Marie Loder
Music by Michael Richard Plowman
Cinematography Gordon Verheul
Edited by Charles Robichaud
PeaceArch Entertainment
Reader's Digest for Young Families
Distributed by Fox Faith
Release date(s)
  • May 6, 2008 (2008-05-06)
Running time 100 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English

Ace of Hearts is a 2008 English Canadian family drama film directed by David Mackay. It features Dean Cain, Mike Dopud, Britt McKillip and Anne Marie Loder in the lead roles. It revolves around a K9 dog named Ace, his handler Dan (Dean Cain), and Torco (Mike Dopud) the criminal.


The film is about a K-9 dog named Ace. The police was trying to catch a robber whom they have nicknamed "Goliath". The police and the dogs are on the track of Torco. Ace's trainer, Dan, allows Ace to take down Torco. Ace takes Torco down, and keeps him down, until Dan arrives. When police see the injuries to Torco's neck, they believe it is a result of Ace biting him. They send Ace to be euthanized, but he escapes.

Dan goes to the crime scene and sees the area is under 24-hour surveillance. He goes onto the scene and finds a piece of barbed wire, which he believes Torco used to slash himself with. Dan tries to get over the grief of losing Ace by trying out other dogs, but to no success. Julia, Dan's daughter, sees Ace on the television, but her parents do not believe since Ace's supposed ashes are received by mail. Julia convinces Dan to take them down to downtown Wenatchee to see if the dog is Ace. When they arrive Ace has already escaped. During the trip back home, Julia sees Ace, who has hopped into the back of a towed car. Ace sees her and waves, which is a trick she taught him.

The Captain brings Dan in to show him surveillance tape. It shows Torco first fending off Ace with barbed wire but then, slashing himself with it. Julia stays out at Torco's house since he framed Ace. Torco comes home from work early and sees Julia. After entering his house he finds a box which held the glass cutter open, in the kitchen he sees the drawer with cutlery ajar. He then sees some alum on the floor and sees the alum container not in the correct position. Julia had taken some of the alum and a picture of the cutter before she left. Torco goes to Julia's house. She tells her mom about Torco and the two of them chased him out of the house. Ace comes and brings down Torco, but Torco stabs Ace with a piece of glass. Torco is then arrested. Dan allows Julia to go to the K-9 competition with Ace, where Ace wins the first place.


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