Ace of Spades (serial)

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Ace of Spades
Directed by Henry MacRae
Written by Isadore Bernstein
William Lord Wright
Starring William Desmond
Mary McAllister
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s)
  • October 19, 1925 (1925-10-19)
Running time 15 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent

Ace of Spades is a 1925 American Western film serial directed by Henry MacRae. The film is considered to be lost.[1]


  • William Desmond as Dan Harvey
  • Mary McAllister as Olive Heath
  • Albert J. Smith as Joe Deneen
  • William Steele as Jim Heath (as William A. Steele)
  • Cathleen Calhoun as Parker Dice Ann
  • Jack Pratt as Gideon Trask
  • Clark Comstock as Martin Heath (as Clarke Comstock)
  • Frank Lanning as Francois
  • John Herdman as Thomas Jefferson
  • William De Vaull as Napoleon Bonaparte (as William P. De Vaul)
  • John Shanks as Tallyrand
  • Aaron Edwards as Lucien Bonaparte
  • Bert Sprotte as James Monroe
  • Harry Lorraine as Barbe Barbois
  • Monte Montague as Henchman
  • Al Hoxie as Henchman (as Alton Stone)
  • Steven Carrie as Henchman
  • Al Richmond as Henchman
  • Malvina Polo

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