Acer platanoides 'Pendulum'

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Acer platanoides 'Pendulum'
Genus Acer
Species Acer platanoides
Cultivar 'Pendulum'
Origin Romania

Acer platanoides 'Pendulum', or Weeping Norway Maple, is a weeping tree and a cultivar of Acer platanoides, the Norway Maple. It was first found by Niemetz at Timişoara, Romania in 1901. No trees are known to survive of this cultivar.


A weeping tree without a leader and with perpendicular branches forming an umbrella shape.


This cultivar does not seem to have been cultivated outside Romania. It was cultivated at the Bazos Arboretum where the last known specimen died in the year 2000.


  • Acer platanoides var. pendulum Niemetz (1901) [1]


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