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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: "Firmicutes"
Class: Clostridia
Order: Halanaerobiales
Family: Halobacteroidaceae
Genus: Acetohalobium
Type species
A. arabaticum

Acetohalobium is a genus in the phylum Firmicutes (Bacteria).[1]


The name Acetohalobium derives from:
Latin noun acetum, vinegar; Greek noun hals halos (ἅλς, ἁλός), salt; Greek noun bios (βίος), life; New Latin neuter gender noun Acetohalobium, acetate-producing organism living in salt.[2]


The genus contains single species,[2] namely A. arabaticum ( Zhilina and Zavarzin 1990, (Type species of the genus).; New Latin neuter gender adjective arabaticum, from Arabat, a peninsula between the Sea of Azov and Sivash.)[3]

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