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Charles Achille Müntz (10 August 1846 – 20 February 1917) was a French agricultural chemist.


He was born at Sulz, Alsace, studied under Boussingault in Paris, and, after acting as his assistant for ten years, succeeded him as director of the chemical laboratories in the Institut National Agronomique. Müntz made special research on the feeding of cattle and horses, and, following Boussingault's method, tested his theories by practice on great herds, on Parisian cab horses, and, in the case of his contributions to viniculture, in various vineyards. He founded a Bibliothèque de l'Enseignement Agricole. He died in Paris.


He published the results of his experiments in the Annales of the Agricultural Institute, and other chemical and agricultural journals, and wrote:

  • Recherches sur l'alimentation des chevaux, with Girard (1884)
  • Les engrais, with Girard (1888–91)
  • Les vignes (1895)


He was a brother of the art critic Eugène Müntz.




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