Aching Wives: Continuous Adultery

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Aching Wives: Continuous Adultery
Aching Wives - Continuous Adultery.jpg
Theatrical poster for Aching Wives: Continuous Adultery (2006)
Directed by Akira Fukuhara
Produced by Akira Fukamachi
Written by Akira Fukuhara
Starring Tomohiro Okada
Mayuko Sasaki
Yōko Satomi
Music by Ichimi Ōba
Cinematography Shōji Shimizu
Edited by Shōji Sakai
Distributed by Shintōhō
Release date(s) December 26, 2006
Running time 61 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Aching Wives: Continuous Adultery (うずく人妻たち 連続不倫 Uzuku Hitozumatachi: Renzoku Furin?) is a 2006 Japanese pink film directed by Akira Fukuhara. A producer for Shintōhō, Aching Wives: Continuous Adultery was Akira Fukuhara's directorial debut.[1] Fukuhara filmed Aching Wives: Continuous Adultery for Haikyū production studio and it was released theatrically in Japan by Shintōhō on December 26, 2006.[2] For this film, Fukuhara was chosen Best New Director at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony. Other awards won by the film's personnel were Mayuko Sasaki, who won a Best Actress award, Tomohiro Okada, who won a Best Actor award, and Shōji Shimizu for Best Cinematography. The film itself was named the Fourth Best Film of the pink film genre for its year of release.[3]


Toshio, an aspiring novelist, has an affair with Mitsue, a married woman. Mitsue leaves her husband for a rendezvous with Toshio in a hot springs town. While with Toshio, Mitsue learns that her daughter died in an automobile accident. A decade passes, and Toshio is married to Miki, an office lady. While suffering from writer's block, Toshio returns to the hot springs inn he had stayed in with Mitsue. There he meets her by chance.[4][5]


  • Tomohiro Okada (岡田智宏) as Toshio Miyashita[4]
  • Mayuko Sasaki (佐々木麻由子) as Mitsue Takayanagi
  • Yōko Satomi as Miki Miyashita
  • Hōryū Nakamura (中村方隆) as Keiichi Takayanagi
  • Yūko Mizuki (美月ゆう子) as Nobuko Saeki
  • Seiji Nakamitsu (なかみつせいじ) as Kōji Okamoto
  • Yutaka Ikejima as Innkeeper


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