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Acid test or acid tests may refer to:

  • Acid test (gold), a chemical or metallurgical test that uses acid, now also a general term for verified, approved, or tested in a large number of fields
  • Quick ratio, also known as acid-test ratio or acid-test liquidity ratio, a measure of a company's cash liquidity
  • Acid Test (band), a Canadian alternative rock band
  • ACID-TEST, a Japanese band headed by singer Kazutoshi Sakurai
  • The Acid Tests, parties conducted by the Merry Pranksters, centered on the use of LSD (acid)
  • The Acid Test, a science quiz from 1994 to 1997 on BBC Five Live, hosted by Kate Bellingham
  • Acid1, Acid2 and Acid3, test suites for web browsers
  • Within a Petrocalcic Horizon, the use of hydrochloric acid to test rock or soil for carbonates

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