Acky's XP Breakout

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Acky's XP Breakout
Acky's XP Breakout
Logo of Acky's XP Breakout
Developer(s) Isotope 244
Publisher(s) Isotope 244
Distributor(s) Isotope 244
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Windows Mobile
Mac OS X
Release date(s) v0.1
  • WW April 13, 2004
  • WW June 2, 2004
Genre(s) Breakout clone
Mode(s) Single Player
Distribution CD-ROM
Digital distribution

Acky's XP Breakout is a Breakout clone and remake of Taito's Arkanoid, based on Atari's Breakout games from the 1970s.


You were on a space mission collecting ether from a nearby nebula to replenish your colonies fuel supplies when all of the sudden, Acky appeared in his saucer and started collecting the same ether as you and started stealing your ether supplies. Your mission is to collect ether and conquer each zone of the nebula to prevent Acky from taking over.[1]


The gameplay is based on Atari's seminal Breakout from 1976. The "XP" in the game's title stems from a game mode called "XP mode",[2] where the player can collect 26 unique gemstone power items (e.g., blaster, laser, gluon cannon, tractor beam and "prediction beam"). The game includes 150 levels which are extended by two free level packs with 50 levels each. The game features an online highscore board, 80 different brick types from 21 custom brick classes, a level editor, particle effects and object morphing.[3]


  • MobileTechReview rated the Pocket PC version of Acky's XP Breakout with 4.5/5 JadeDragons and stated that "The graphics in Acky’s XP Breakout are definitely amazing for a Breakout game, and are better than any other breakout game out there for the Pocket PC. The sound quality in the game is very high. There is a lot of replay value in the game. Watch out, you may find Acky’s XP Breakout hard to put down!"[4]

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