Acland Burghley School

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Acland Burghley School
Type Community school
Headteacher Jo Armitage
Location Burghley Road
Tufnell Park
England Coordinates: 51°33′27″N 0°08′24″W / 51.5574°N 0.140°W / 51.5574; -0.140
Local authority Camden
DfE number 202/4285
DfE URN 100053 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18
Filming outside of Acland Burghley School for the documentary for the DVD release of Chalk. This part of the school is seen on the show's opening titles.

Acland Burghley School is a mixed comprehensive secondary school in the Tufnell Park area of the London Borough of Camden, in London, England. The school received specialist status as an Arts College in 2000 and is a part of the La Swap Sixth Form Consortium.

The 2008 Ofsted report summarised the school as follows: 'Acland Burghley School is a larger than average 11-18 Visual Arts college. It obtained specialist status in 2000... Almost two thirds of the school are boys. The proportion of students eligible for free school meals is twice the national average. The percentage of students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is above the national average, the largest groups being those with behaviour, emotional and social difficulties, or speech, language and communication difficulties. The proportion with statements of special educational needs is nearly four times the national average. The number of students from minority ethnic groups is very high. The school obtained Healthy Schools status in March 2008.'[1]

The school has a successful Anti-bullying Campaign known as ABC. The Good Schools Guide said that the school was "remarkable for its art and for the egalitarian effects of its anti-bullying and peer mentoring programme.'[2] The school attained 47% A* to C GCSE scores last year (when?). The school has also twinned with Chianna Primary school from Ghana, and during the year donations are collected and sent to the school in Ghana, who are in need of basic educational supplies.

In 2008 three men armed with a sawn-off shotgun burst into the grounds looking for a man said to be unrelated to the school. Parents voiced concerns that the incident was triggered by tensions between a group known as the Tufnell Park Boys and rivals from neighboring Islington.[3]

Previous headteacher Michael Shew hit out at a supply teacher for secretly filming pupils misbehaving in class. He confirmed that the school had featured on Channel 5’s hidden camera documentary Classroom Chaos after he was contacted by the Camden New Journal. The documentary, which has received widespread media coverage, showed pupils eating chocolate and crisps in lessons, swearing, telling a teacher to “take a nap” and appearing to search the internet for pornography during a media studies class. Mr Shew argued that the programme’s makers used underhand tactics to film children without their permission and had opened up the possibility of legal action.[4]

The school was constructed in the 1960s. In 1984 and 1985, the school was closed to allow asbestos to be removed. The headteacher is currently Jo Armitage whom Ofsted inspectors have praised as having a significantly positive impact on the school in their 2010 report.[1] This was less positive in the 2013 inspection where the school was inspected and given notice to improve. Since then the head has resigned. She will stay until the ceasing of the academic year, to then be replaced with another head teacher. Perhaps, someone who is already deputy head, or assistant head or maybe even someone new altogether.

Notable former pupils[edit]

Depiction in Fiction[edit]

The exterior of the school was used as the fictional Galfast High in Steven Moffat's 1997 sitcom Chalk.[10]

The school was featured on the first episode of the third series of the Channel 4 show Balls of Steel.

The exterior of the school was used again in 'Supernova' a 2006 story in the BBC drama series Silent Witness

The school is revealed as Peter Grant's old school in Whispers Under Ground and to have a ghost haunting the railway tracks under its playground.

The science lab in Robert Muchamore's first book Cherub was based on the Acland Burghley science labs.


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