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Founded in August 2013, Acorn Audio makes a range of headphones and speakers made primarily from real wood to produce rich, powerful sound. Based in the United Kingdom, products can be purchased directly from their website or from any authorised retailers. They provide luxury products available to the vast majority of people by making their prices affordable compared to other brands.[citation needed]

Acorn Audio brings a new range of wooden headphones to the ever expanding market of mobile phone and iPod accessories. Their products offer an alternative option to the thousands of generic, plastic headphones already available. They state that speakers produce sound not only from the front, but also from behind. Having a high density material such as real wood separates these two sounds, preventing them from cancelling each other out and therefore giving a richer bass. Wood provides exceptional acoustics by containing more of the sound waves within the concealed cavity, which is why you'll hear such clear sound from Acorn's products.[citation needed]


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