Acorna: The Unicorn Girl

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Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
Original cover of Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
Author Anne McCaffrey
Country United States
Language English
Series Acorna Universe[1]
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Eos
Publication date
July 1998
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 416 pp
ISBN 0-06-105789-4
OCLC 39460583
Followed by Acorna's Quest

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (1997) is a fantasy or science fiction novel by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball. It was the first published in the Acorna Universe series that comprises ten books as of 2011. McCaffrey and Ball wrote the sequel Acorna's Quest after which McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough extended the series almost annually from 1999 to 2007.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Acorna is found in an unusual escape pod by three galactic miners, Gill, Rafik, and Calum. Raised by the three unlikely fathers, Acorna, a unicorn girl, matures almost to adulthood within three years. While she is growing up, the miners discover that their 'daughter' has magical powers such as the ability to clean air and water, heal the sick, and detect the slightest scent. Furthermore, she is extraordinarily smart, picking up everything quickly. However, her unique looks and special powers make her an object of desire by many, be it for scientific studies or a rare-item collection, or sex. Gill, Rafik, and Calum, who are determined to protect their beloved Acorna at all cost, are forced to flee all over the galaxy to avoid her pursuers. The book chronicles their adventures together as they travel from system to system, planet to planet, eventually finding a planet that thrives on illegal child slavery. But Acorna is not about to let that continue without a fight, and she vows to free every last child on the planet.


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