Acqua di Parma

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Acqua di Parma
Type Subsidiary
Industry Fashion
Founded 1916
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Products Perfumes
Parent LVMH

Acqua di Parma is an Italian perfume company which produces a lightly scented fragrance.

Acqua di Parma, Colonia
Acqua di Parma


It was founded in 1916 and began in the city of Parma in a small perfume factory and was in manufacture until the 1940s in Europe. The brand's sales fell in the decades following World War II, but it was revived in 1993 following a management buy-out financed by Tod's owner Diego Della Valle, Luca di Montezemolo of Ferrari, and Paolo Borgomanero, a major shareholder of lingerie retailer La Perla.

The company was eventually acquired by LVMH in 2001, and it now has its headquarters in Milan.[1]

The company's original scent, Colonia, was created in 1916 in a small perfume factory in the centre of Parma's historic old town[1] and was intended to perfume the handkerchiefs of Italian men. Today, Colonia is used widely by both men and women as a personal scent. At the time of the company's birth, the majority of commercial perfumes were much stronger and heavier in composition; the unusually light and fresh fragrance from Parma found wide success in Europe. It later became popular in the USA, where Hollywood stars, particularly those of British heritage such as Audrey Hepburn, David Niven, and Cary Grant, wore Acqua di Parma's sophisticated scent.[1]


In an effort to revive the company's diminishing commercial popularity, the three Italian businessmen introduced many new products, creating an extended line of premium hand-crafted leather goods, aromatherapy products, linens, candles, and terry-cloth bathrobes, as well as several new perfumes. The Acqua di Parma perfume and cologne range includes:[2]

  • Blu Mediterraneo (Arancia di Capri, Mirto di Panarea, Mandorlo di Sicilia, Bergamotto di Calabria, Fico di Amalfi);
  • Women's Fragrances: Profumo, Iris Nobile, Magnolia Nobile (released in the Fall of 2009) and Gelsomino Nobile (released in the Fall of 2011);[2]
  • Colonia, the company's original product;
  • variations in strength on the original Colonia (Colonia Intensa, Colonia Assoluta, Colonia Essenza and Colonia Intensa OUD).

The company has continued the cylindrical bottles, rounded boxes and bright yellow packaging of the original product.


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