Acquisition (Star Trek: Enterprise)

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Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 19
Directed by James Whitmore, Jr.
Teleplay by Maria Jacquemetton
Andre Jacquemetton
Story by Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
Produced by Dawn Valazquez
Featured music Velton Ray Bunch
Production code 119
Original air date March 27, 2002 (2002-03-27)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Rogue Planet"
Next →

Acquisition is the 19th episode (production #119) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.

A group of interstellar alien thieves knock out the Enterprise crew and begin looting the ship. Commander Trip Tucker is the only one left to stop them.


As Enterprise drifts in space, a Ferengi cruiser scans the ship, then docks with it. Two Ferengi, Muk and Grish, board wearing breathing filters. The Enterprise crew appear to have been knocked unconscious at their posts. In Engineering, the Ferengi locate and deactivate their gas-machine. They make their way to the Bridge before reporting all personnel have been incapacitated. In Decon, Trip is still conscious and makes his way to Sickbay, when Muk and Grish arrive, forcing him to hide. In Engineering, he uses the internal sensors to monitor the progress of the Ferengi as they continue plundering the Enterprise.

The Ferengi chain Captain Archer up in the cargo-bay before reviving him. They demand the location of the ship's vault and are amazed that Enterprise carries no valuable materials or currency. The Ferengi set-off to find the non-existent vault themselves, leaving Krem and Archer to load the salvage onto the Ferengi ship. Archer flatters Krem in order to drive a wedge between him and DaiMon Ulis. Archer sees Trip and sends him to the launch-bay to retrieve the Ferengi hypospray. There Trip revives sub-commander T'Pol, and they leave to find a way to stop the Ferengi. She assumes the gas-machine in Engineering was intentionally placed on the surface of the moon Trip was mapping in order to subdue the crew.

In Sickbay, Ulis, Grish and Muk search for the non-existent vault. Grish tells Ulis that Archer must keep his gold in his own quarters. T'Pol uses a PADD to distract the Ferengi and place some of Muk's loot in Ulis's bag, causing an argument between the Ferengi. In Engineering, Archer continues flattering Krem. He tries persuading him to cut a deal. Krem is tempted when Archer says that he will throw-in T'Pol, but decides against it. In Archer's quarters, Muk and Grish try interrogating Porthos to find the vault. Muk goes to the launch-bay and finds Trip, who escapes with Muk in pursuit. Trip hides in the mess-hall and knocks Muk out, but Ulis subdues him with his electro-whip.

The Ferengi, Archer and Trip meet in the launch-bay. Archer plays along with Trip's deception about the vault. They fight briefly, which convinces the Ferengi that the vault exists. T'Pol approaches Krem, claiming to be enslaved to the humans and asking to be rescued, then nerve-pinches him unconscious. Trip, meanwhile, leads the Ferengi to the false vault. They struggle in and T'Pol stuns them. Subdued, the Enterprise crew oversee the Ferengi returning the stolen goods. Archer tells the Ferengi not to go within a light year of a human or Vulcan vessel ever again. He continues by telling them to show Krem respect, and as they depart, the Ferengi start bargaining for their freedom.

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