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ActBlue is a United States political action committee established in June 2004 that enables anyone to raise money on the Internet for the Democratic Party candidates of their choice. It is independent of the Democratic Party itself and does not endorse individual candidates.

ActBlue has grown quickly to become a major fundraising tool for Democrats, particularly favored by the netroots and left-leaning bloggers.[1] As of July 2014, ActBlue had raised more than $535 million USD for Democratic candidates at various levels of politics, making it the largest single source of funds in United States politics. The organization is open to all registered Democratic campaigns and candidates. [2]


ActBlue was founded in 2004 by Benjamin Rahn, who left a doctoral program in theoretical physics at Caltech to develop the platform, and Matt DeBergalis, a computer science graduate of MIT.[3]


  • April Fools' Day 2008: ActBlue announced on its blog that it will begin collecting funds for US candidates in Euros, due to the decline of the dollar.

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  2. ^ ActBlue is a not-for-profit organization. ActBlue officially incurs costs of 3.95% of the gross contribution, and those fees are passed on to campaigns. ActBlue's sister company, ActBlue Technology Services, derives the bulk of the income by charging ActBlue 3.9% on all transaction but paying a much lower rate to the merchant banks on those transaction fees. Detailed financial information is available here. A report by the New York Times was in error.
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