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The Action for Bright Children (or ABC) Society is an advocacy group for gifted students in Alberta, Canada. The society has a number of branches in urban areas, including Calgary and Edmonton. The society began in 1979 under the name Parents for the Education of the Gifted, and acquired its current name in 1982.

In September 1996, the society established a charter school for gifted children under the name ABC Charter Public School. This school served grades 1 through 3, and was designed as a lead-in to the public board's own program. After two years of operation, the school added additional grades and, under the new name of Westmount Charter School, serves students from kindergarten through to grade 12.

Some students say that the school is doing well for a new school. Students can get to know their teachers and get better instruction because of smaller class sizes. The library has a large number of books. The school offers an extensive art program and a fairly good drama program, including being the host of Summerstock Conservatory, a conservatory that puts on plays every August in Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary.[1]. It also offers many sports teams, such as volleyball, rugby, badminton, basketball, and track.

Westmount is new and should grow into a flourishing school.