Action of 18 October 1782

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Action of 18 October 1782
Part of the American War of Independence
Combat du Scipion conte le London-Rossel de Cercy mg 5095c.jpg
Combat du Scipion contre le London, credited to Rossel de Crecy, on display at Toulon naval museum.
Date 18 October 1782
Location off present-day Hispaniola
Result British victory
 France  Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Nicolas Henri de Grimouard James Kempthorne

John Gidoin

Scipion (74)

Sibylle (40)

HMS London (90)

HMS Torbay (74)

Casualties and losses
15 killed
46 wounded
550 prisoners
11 killed
75 wounded

The Action of 18 October 1782 was a minor naval engagement of the American War of Independence, in which the French 74-gun ship of the line Scipion, accompanied by a frigate, was chased by two ships of the line, HMS London and Torbay. Outmanoeuvring her larger opponents, Scipion obtained a favourable position that allowed her to rake HMS London, causing severe damage and escaping.

The British resumed the chase, and Scipion struck a rock in Samana Bay, becoming a total loss.



Coordinates: 19°11′N 69°19′W / 19.183°N 69.317°W / 19.183; -69.317