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ActiveReports6 External Style Sheets.png
Developer(s) Data Dynamics, now ComponentOne, a Division of GrapeCity
Stable release 7[1] / 31 July 2012; 2 years ago (2012-07-31)
Platform Windows Forms / ASP.NET / .NET / Microsoft SQL Server
Type Business Intelligence, Reporting
License proprietary

ActiveReports is a .NET reporting tool used by developers of WinForms and ASP.NET applications. It was originally developed by Data Dynamics, which was then acquired by GrapeCity. ActiveReports is a set of components and tools that facilitates the production of reports to display data in documents and web-based formats. It is written in managed C# and allows Visual Studio programmers to leverage their knowledge of C# or Visual Basic.NET when programming with ActiveReports.

Among the components included with ActiveReports are exports to file formats such as PDF, Excel, RTF, and TIFF. The main component is a Visual Studio report designer with banded sections and an API that developers use to create customized reports from a variety of data sources. ActiveReports also includes a Windows Viewer control with a customizable toolbar that supports split and multi-page views, has a Table of Contents pane with a new Thumbnail view tab, and can perform text searches of reports.

The Professional Edition of ActiveReports adds to the Standard Edition tools an End-User Report Designer control that developers use to host the report designer in their own Microsoft Windows applications to let end users create and modify reports. It also includes a server-side Web viewer with Flash, PDF, and HTML viewer types; ASP.NET HTTP Handlers that export reports to HTML or PDF format without custom code; and PDF security features like time stamping and digital signatures.

The ActiveReports Professional Edition is included in the ActiveReports Reporting and BI Suite that also contains two additional products - Data Dynamics Reports and ActiveAnalysis.

ActiveReports Server[edit]

ActiveReports Server is a Web-based ad hoc reporting tool that allows business users to perform ad hoc self-service report designing and viewing over the Web while using their Web browser. It also includes a Web-based administration portal and a software development kit (SDK). ActiveReports and Data Dynamics Reports XML-based report files can be imported into ActiveReports Server to make use of its centralized storage, rendering and distribution features.

Features new to version 7 [2][edit]

  • Added Page-Based Reports with advanced data regions including charts, tables, and crosstabs that can be mixed within the same report section, eliminating the need to use subreports in most instances.
  • Table Control
  • Matrix Control
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012
  • Advanced Printing Support: Scale pages, add page watermarks, print multiple report pages on a single sheet (N-up).
  • Persistent Licensing makes the installed system remain licensed until the license is manually deactivated, making upgrade to maintenance releases easier.

Features new to version 6[edit]

Latest Service Releases

Standard Edition

  • Cross-section box and line controls that span report sections
  • Quality and performance improvements
  • New Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) barcode styles
  • External style sheets
  • Designer snap lines
  • Granular control over text boxes and labels
  • 64 bit support

also support for various things

Features new to version 3[edit]

ActiveReports Designer

  • Design-time preview tab
  • Component tray for design-time work with .NET data providers
  • Report Explorer support for parameters and calculated fields
  • Design-time support for custom parameters
  • Design-time unbound fields

Windows Forms Viewer

  • Users can add annotations
  • Linked reports open in tabbed pages
  • Web links open within the viewer

Reporting Engine

  • Chart control supports seven new chart types
    • Funnel
    • Pyramid
    • Gantt
    • Kagi
    • Point and figure
    • Renko
    • Three line break
  • ReportInfo control for page N of M or report run dates


Professional Edition[edit]

Includes all of the Standard Edition features, and adds the following:.

End-User Report Designer

  • Allows developers to host the designer in Windows Forms applications
  • Provides end-user report editing capabilities
  • Provides easy access for saving and loading report layouts
  • Allows developers to monitor and control the end user's design environment
  • Allows developers to customize the designer to the needs of end users


  • WebViewer control with Flash, HTML and PDF viewer types can be used on ASP.NET pages
  • Allows quick viewing of ActiveReports on the web
  • Provides printing capability with the Flash viewer and Acrobat Reader
  • Provides an RPX HTTP Handler so that reports on the web server are available via hyperlink and are run and displayed in HTML or PDF
  • Provides a Compiled Report HTTP Handler so that reports compiled in an assembly on the server are available via hyperlink

Supported document formats[edit]

Included report items[edit]

  • SubReport
  • Chart
  • Label
  • Line
  • Picture Box
  • Check Box
  • Page Break
  • Report Information
  • Rich Text Box
  • Shape
  • Bar Code
  • OLE Object
  • 3rd party controls (charts, grids, calendars, etc.)
  • Matrix
  • Table
  • Banded List

Awards and recognitions[edit]

March, 26th 2010 - Ranked #7 in the ComponentSource Bestselling Product Awards for 2009-2010[3]

May 7, 2009 - Finalist in the 2009 asp.netPRO Readers' Choice Awards[4]

March 13, 2009 - Ranked #4 and #5 in the 2008 ComponentSource Bestselling Publishers List[5]

March 13, 2009 - Ranked #2 in the 2008 ComponentSource Bestselling Products List[6]

February 9, 2009 - ActiveReports Customers Give .NET Reporting and BI Tools High Ratings [7]

May 15, 2006 - SD Times 100 Winner in the Components category[8]

June 2, 2008 - SD Times 100 Finalist in the Components category[9]

May 15, 2007 - SD Times 100 Finalist in the Components category[10]

February 9, 2007 - 2006 ComponentSource Bestselling Publisher[11]

February 9, 2007 - 2006 ComponentSource Bestselling Product[12]

Known Issues[edit]

ActiveReports is known to not be able to handle large reports.[13] This issue has been ongoing across many years and versions.,[14][15]


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