Adını Feriha Koydum

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Adını Feriha Koydum
Adını Feriha Koydum.jpg
Genre Drama, Romance
Format TV Series
Written by Melis Civelek - Sırma Yanık
Directed by Barış Yöş
Starring Vahide Gördüm
Hazal Kaya
Metin Çekmez
Çağatay Ulusoy
Deniz Uğur
Ceyda Ateş
Country of origin Turkey
Original language(s) Turkish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 67
Producer(s) Med Yapım
Running time 120 min.
Original channel Show TV
Original airing Turkey
14 January 2011 - June 29, 2012
Followed by Adını Feriha Koydum: Emir's Way

Adını Feriha Koydum is a Turkish television drama series produced by Med Yapım. The series broadcast on Show TV and it is written by duo Melis Civelek and Sırma Yanık.


The series is mainly about Feriha Yılmaz (Hazal Kaya) who is the main character in the series, and her life. Feriha is a daughter of a poor family. Her father Rıza Yılmaz (Metin Çekmez) is a doorman in Etiler, which is an upper-class neighborhood of Istanbul. Her mother Zehra Yılmaz (Vahide Gördüm) is a housekeeper. Feriha was able to get a full scholarship to a private university. Ever since her first day there, Feriha poses as a rich girl with a very wealthy father. There she meets a handsome and rich boy called Emir Sarrafoğlu (Çağatay Ulusoy). Feriha lies about her whole life and background, Emir falls in love with her not knowing who she really is. Unfortunately, she also falls in love with him and is trapped in her own lies. Later on, Emir finds about Feriha's lies and leaves her. They both start to mentally and physically torture each other, but this brings them even closer than before. Emir eventually forgives Feriha and they marry. Later, Emir starts caring for his job at a night club , "Night", more than his wife Feriha. Feriha ultimately gives Emir two choices, 'Her' or 'His Job'. Due to a h, Feriha thinks Emir chose his job while in fact it was the opposite. Feriha leaves Emir and Istanbul without saying a single word. She returns three years later and sees Emir as a successful person and Feriha tries to take her revenge. However, later they find out it was all a misunderstanding that changed their entire lives. Feriha and Emir forgive each other and give each other another chance and remarry. However, during her wedding, in the final scene of the Season 2 finale, Feriha is fatally shot by an unknown person. This drama is known as unbelievable love story with two person


Actor Role
Vahide Gördüm Zehra Yilmaz
Hazal Kaya Feriha Yilmaz
Metin Çekmez Riza Yilmaz
Çağatay Ulusoy Emir Sarrafoğlu
Deniz Uğur Sanam İlhanlı
Ceyda Ateş Hande Gezgin
Melih Selçuk Mehmet Yilmaz
Sedef Şahin Cansu İlhanlı
Yusuf Akgün Koray Onat
Eray Özbal Ünal Sarrafoğlu
Neşem Akhan Seher Yilmaz
Barış Kılıç sadam yunas
Feyza Civelek Lara
Gülşah Fırıncıoğlu Günje
Ahu Sungur Aysun Sarrafoğlu
Kaan Olcay Ömer Yilmaz
Tugba Melis Ruya
Pelin Ermis Gülsüm

International Broadcasters[edit]

Country Local Name Network Premiere date
Arab League Arab World أسميتها فريحة
Asmeituha Fariha
Abu Dhabi Al Oula 3 November 2012
 Bulgaria Огледален свят
Ogledalen svyat
exclusive on


2 July 2012

14 January 2013

 Pakistan فریحہ
Urdu 1 The show received nearly the highest ratings any foreign show ever received after Aşk-ı_Memnu which was watched by more than 90 million people across the country. 27 April 2013
Kanal D 19 October 2013
Djevojka imena Feriha
Nova TV 15 July 2013
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Djevojka imena Feriha


7 October 2013
Feriha فریحه
(Afghanistan)|Tolo TV 2 April 2014
Feriha فریحه
Iran TV network 20 May 2014
Feriha فریحه
(Afghanistan)|Naser Vedi TV 22 June 2014

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