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Ad-Damazin is located in Sudan
Location in Sudan
Coordinates: 11°46′N 34°21′E / 11.767°N 34.350°E / 11.767; 34.350
Country Flag of Sudan.svg Sudan
State Blue Nile
Population (2006)
 • Total 212,712

Ad Damazin (Arabic: الدمازينAd Damazīn) is the capital of Blue Nile State in Sudan. It is the location of the Roseires Dam and power generation plant.

Ad Damazin is served by a terminal station of a branch line of the national railway network. However, the train service to Ad Damazin has been discontinued many years ago. Instead the town can be reached from Khartoum via a decent tarmac road and by plane. However, Ad Damazin Airport is mainly served by UNMIS or government flights.

Ad-Damazin is currently the Capital of Blue Nile State, with Al-Hadi Bushra as the current Governor. Malik Agar Eyre was the SPLM/A chairman for the State of Blue Nile until September 2, 2011. He was ousted by president Bashir, and replaced by General Yahia Mohammed Kheir, after fights broke out between the Sudanese Army Forces and the SPLM-N of former governor Malik Agar.

Blue Nile University (Jameat Al Neel Alazraq) is a public university located in Ad Damazin, established in 1995.[1]

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Coordinates: 11°46′00″N 34°21′00″E / 11.76667°N 34.35000°E / 11.76667; 34.35000