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Type Private
Founded January 2008
Headquarters Somerville, New Jersey
Area served United States
Industry Online Advertising
Services Advertising network
Parent Adiant LLC
Launched January 2008[1]
Current status Active

Adblade is a content style ad platform based in Somerville, New Jersey. Adblade was founded in January 2008[1] by CEO Ash Nashed and operates as a subsidiary of Adiant. They are one of the top brand safe rated ad networks, according to Ad Safe Media.[1][2] The company focuses on ad distribution with high-traffic content producers such as MSNBC,[3] Fox News, USA Today, The Washington Times, Newsweek and U.S. News.[4]


Adblade was launched as an online advertising network[5] in January 2008,[1] by Ash Nashed. [3] The company is based in Somerville, New Jersey[6] with an additional office in Manhattan of New York City.[5] as well as Buffalo, NY.[7]

In November 2009, the company announced it had surpassed 200 million monthly unique users.[8] In March 2014, Quantcast reported Adblade's reach at 337 Million global users and 257 Million US users.[9]

Service overview[edit]

Adblade has advertising arrangements chiefly with highly trafficked content providers.[1][8] Websites in its network have included MSNBC,[3] Fox News, USA Today, The Washington Times, McClatchy and U.S. News.[4] Adblade has also worked with MediaPost, specifically developing them a custom Facebook widget called "The MediaPost Feed."[10]

Adblade predominantly serves the United States. Advertisements can be created and uploaded by clients, and may be "geo-targeted" or targeted towards particular interests and demographics.[11] The system allows for monetizing websites and blogs, though websites must meet certain requirements.[4]


In December 2013 one of Adblade's executives appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss how [Native Advertising] must be clearly defined for the end user.[12]

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