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Type Private
Founded January 2008
Headquarters Somerville, New Jersey
Area served United States
Industry Online Advertising
Services Advertising network
Parent Adiant LLC
Launched January 2008[1]
Current status Active

Adblade is a content style[clarification needed] and native advertising platform owned by Adiant. Adiant is based in Somerville, New Jersey and was founded in January 2008.[1] According to Ad Safe Media, Adblade is a top "brand safe rated" ad network.[1][2] The company focuses on ad distribution with high-traffic content publishers such as Nasdaq, Hearst, The Washington Times, ABC News and Chicago Sun Times.


Adblade was launched in January 2008,[1] by Dr. Ash Nashed and he continues on as current CEO. [3] The company is headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey[4] with an additional offices in New York City.[5] as well as Buffalo, NY.[6]

In November 2009, the company announced it had surpassed 200 million monthly unique users.[7] In October 2014, Quantcast reported Adblade's reach at 584 Million global users and 463 Million US users.[8]

Business Model[edit]

Adblade has advertising arrangements chiefly with highly trafficked content providers,[1][7] websites in its network have included Nasdaq, Hearst, The Washington Times, ABC News and Chicago Sun Times.

Adblade predominantly serves the United States and has both online and mobile traffic.[8] Advertisements can be created and uploaded by clients and may be targeted geographically, by behavioral interests or demographics. The system allows for monetizing websites and blogs, though websites must meet certain requirements.[9]


In December 2013, one of Adblade's executives appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss how native advertising must be clearly defined for the end user.[10]

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