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adMarketplace, Inc
AdMarketplace logo.png
Type Privately owned
Founded New York, New York, United States (2000)
Headquarters 3 Park Avenue, New York, New York
Area served Worldwide
Key people James Hill, Founder/CEO
Adam J. Epstein, President/COO
Mike Yudin, CTO
Andries de Villiers, Senior Vice President
Adam Shulman, VP of Finance and Operations
Chris Osborn, VP of Engineering
Scott 'Tuc' Ellentuch, Vice President of Infrastructure
Vince Meyer, VP of Business Development
James Domenick, Vice President of Ad Operations
Lou Severine, Chief Revenue Officer
Industry Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Advertising, Technology, Advertising Platform
Services Account Management for Advertisers, Analytics
Employees 100+
Alexa rank increase 7,448 (US Rank)[1] 28,406 (Global Rank)
Launched 2000
Current status Active is a Search Syndication advertising network. Search Syndication is a sizable but often overlooked segment of the Search Engine Marketing industry. adMarketplace's clients include agencies, marketers and publishers, and the company is headquartered in New York City.[2]


adMarketplace was founded by James Hill in 2000. From 2003 to 2006, it was the exclusive search result advertising platform for eBay; when that exclusivity ended, the company opened its platform to all advertisers and publishers.[3] The immediate impact was a major downsize, with just seven employees at one point,[4] but it then grew 50% in 2008 and reached 80 employees in 2011.[5] In 2012, adMarketplace grew to 100 employees, and was named the 8th fastest growing company in New York by Cranes.[6] In 2013, the company hired Vincent Meyer from Criteo as their Vice President of Business Development.[7]


adMarketplace delivers traffic sources outside of the big three search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to advertisers of all sizes via managed services and self-serve account options.[8] The company is exclusively focused on search syndication advertising, placing text ads on web sites outside search engine result pages.

adMarketplace distributes text ads via toolbar search boxes, domain portfolios, email, mobile, rollover/in-text and type-in domains and has a proprietary data-driven technology platform comprising filtering, scoring, targeting, pricing and analytics. Its campaign analytics incorporate results based on both user behavior, including impressions and click-thrus, to conversion and even post-conversion data, such as sign-ups and purchases. adMarketplace’s pricing engine and analytics allow for real-time bid adjustment by ad placements, which the company claims results in a higher ROI.[9]

In 2013, adMarketplace partnered with Kenshoo to better enable digital agencies, brands, and other large search advertisers to analyze data and manage campaigns with adMarketplace and Kenshoo.[10]