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Ad Astra Games is an Imprint of Final Sword Productions, and produces boardgames, miniatures wargames and role-playing games. It was founded in 2004 by Ken Burnside. The chief operating officer is former West End Games founder Daniel Scott Palter, and the office manager is Sam Pray, husband of horror and gothic romance writer Terri Pray. Ad Astra's licenses include the universe of David Weber's Honor Harrington books (the "Honorverse") and the Traveller-based space combat game Power Projection: Fleets. They also publish the magazine Nexus Journal.

Ad Astra Games produces pewter miniatures in support of the Attack Vector, Honor Harrington and Traveller lines, as well as full color source books on the militaries of the Honor Harrington Universe, such as Jayne's Intelligence Review: The Royal Manticoran Navy and Jayne's Intelligence Review: The Havenite Republican Navy, as well as other Honor Harrington merchandise. The name "Jayne's" is a pun on the naval books by Fred T. Jane.

Other products Ad Astra produces include calendars, tee shirts, patches and window clings for the Honorverse product line, and role-playing games set in their various licenses using a variant of the West End Games' D6 game engine, including War World, Tran and the Honorverse.


Ad Astra Games won the 2004 Origins Award for Best Miniatures Rules for Attack Vector: Tactical (AV:T).[1] That game engine was adapted to David Weber's Honor Harrington Universe (the "Honorverse") for Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (SITS), first edition. SITS second edition uses a streamlined version of those mechanics, to allow several ships to be flown in squadron level actions.

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