Ad Fundum

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Ad Fundum
Directed by Erik Van Looy
Produced by Mark Punt
Written by Mark Punt
Starring Marilou Mermans
Jaak Van Assche
Sven De Ridder
Tom Van Landuyt
Music by Jean-Marie Aerts
Tom Wolf
Cinematography Willy Stassen
Editing by Philippe Ravoet
Ludo Troch
Running time 98 minutes
Country Belgium
Language Dutch

Ad Fundum is a 1993 Belgian drama film directed by Erik Van Looy. It tells the story of some students studying at the university of Leuven, and who participate in some initiation rites. The main characters are freshmen at the University of Leuven and join a "fraternity" otherwise known as a student association. They are having a great time, drinking, and carrying on. Until one of their friends dies in a seemingly questionable accident.

Ad Fundum (meaning to the bottom) refers to a term used among students when they empty their glass of beer in one time.

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