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Technology Alliance
Region served
Washington State

The Technology Alliance is a Washington State organization of leaders from high-tech businesses, research institutions, and the community dedicated to Washington's economic success.



The Alliance developed a set of research studies benchmarking technology-based economic development and higher education as well as creating policy recommendations for state initiatives.

Alliance of Angels[edit]

The Technology Alliance administers a membership organization called the Alliance of Angels to encourage angel and venture capital investment in Northwest technology startups.

Ada Developers Academy[edit]

In September 2013, Technology Alliance helped to launch Ada Developers Academy, a year-long intensive school in computing for women. The program is tuition-free for students, and students are eligible for scholarships. The classroom experiecnce focuses on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and computer science fundamentals. The program is funded through company sponsorship, individual donors, and public sources.[1]

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