Adam Again Tribute Boxed Set

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Adam Again Tribute Box Set
Studio album by Adam Again
Released 2001 (2001)
Genre Rock
Label Millennium 8
Producer Gene Eugene
Adam Again chronology
A Tribute to Gene Eugene
Adam Again Tribute Box Set
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The Phantom Tollbooth 3/5 stars[1]

Adam Again Tribute Box Set is a 2001 album by rock band Adam Again containing three discs, released on Millennium 8 Records.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1 (Live at Cornerstone 2000 (A Tribute to Gene Eugene)[edit]

  1. Riki Michele—Strobe (Perfecta)
  2. Riki Michele—Dance Around in Circles (Homeboys)
  3. Derri Daughtery—Worldwide (Dig)
  4. Steve Hindalong—Hide Away (Homeboys)
  5. Mike Roe—Deep (Dig)
  6. Mike Roe—Dig (Dig)
  7. Mike Roe—Stone (Perfecta)
  8. Sim Wilson—Don't Cry (Perfecta)
  9. Mike Knott—Hopeless, Etc. (Dig)
  10. Mike Knott—It Is What It Is (What It Is) (Dig)
  11. Mike Knott—Homeboys (Homeboys)
  12. Mike Knott—Relapse (Perfecta)
  13. Mike Knott—All You Lucky People (Perfecta)

Disc 2 (Live at Cornerstone 1997)[edit]

  1. Hopeless, Etc. (Dig)
  2. It Is What It Is (What It Is) (Dig)
  3. Deep (Dig)
  4. All You Lucky People (Perfecta)
  5. Strobe (Perfecta)
  6. Stone (Perfecta)
  7. Worldwide (Dig)
  8. Dig (Dig)
  9. Dance Around in Circles (Homeboys)
  10. Homeboys (Homeboys)
  11. River on Fire (Dig)
  12. So Long (Dig)

Disc 3 (Live at Cornerstone 1995)[edit]

  1. Occam's Razor (Homeboys)
  2. Dig (Dig)
  3. Deep (Dig)
  4. Beat Peculiar (Ten Songs By Adam Again)
  5. Dance Around in Circles (Homeboys)
  6. Ain't No Sunshine (Ten Songs By Adam Again)
  7. So Long (Dig)
  8. Hidden, Hidden (Dig)
  9. Stone (Perfecta)
  10. It Is What It Is (What It Is) (Dig)

Production notes[edit]

  • Produced by Gene Eugene