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Adam Lehan is known for being the guitarist of the doom metalstoner metal band Cathedral (1991/93).[1] He played guitar, acoustic guitar and 12 string acoustic guitar, and wrote many songs for the albums Forest of Equilibrium, Soul Sacrifice, Statik Majik and The Ethereal Mirror. The band's sell thru DVD also features songs mainly taken from Lehan's stint in the band.

He also played in UK thrash metal band (89/90) Acid Reign, cult thrash band Lord Crucifier from Italy (88) and formed a Venom-inspired thrash band called Deadline (1987). He was guitarist for a rock project he formed with Slammer bassist Russ Burton shortly after leaving Acid Reign but chose to join Cathedral just prior to the recording of their first demo tape.

His rock band 'Flight' are on MySpace Music, as is his personal page -

He now plays guitar in BENEATH THE OAK, and is reuniting with Cathedral for their 20th Anniversary.


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