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Adam Lyons, known as 'AFC Adam', is a British relationship coach and pickup artist.[1]


Lyons claims he had limited success with women until his mid-twenties, and was voted 'least likely to ever get a girlfriend' in school by his classmates at age 15.[2] As a teenager, he was obsessed with Star Wars, Magic: The Gathering, Star Trek and especially the role-playing and strategy game Dungeons and Dragons.[3] He was introduced to the seduction community by Neil Strauss' book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.[3]

In 2006, FHM covered Lyons and his involvement in Seduction School, a new company whose instructors would later play a central part in Richard La Ruina's PUA Training.[4] In 2007, Lyons was featured in a Channel 4 documentary entitled The Rules Of Seduction.[5] This film examined the activity of the seduction community in Britain, and explored Lyons and his ability to handle intimacy. In 2008, Lyons was featured in The Independent which covered his background, and featured a critique of the seduction community by psychologist Oliver James. Lyons has also been featured in NBC, CBS,[6] thelondonpaper,[7] Arena,[citation needed] The Mirror,[8] Fox News,[9] Maxim,[10] Kerrang[citation needed] and some other publications and television programs.


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