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Adam Mynott is a journalist who was born in Eastbourne in October 1957.[1]


Mynott was educated at the independent school Eastbourne College followed by Exeter University in 1980 with a degree in Philosophy. He is married to Carol (née Schug), and has three children Will (d.o.b.: 06.12.1991), Fleur (d.o.b.:07.03.1994 and Hal (d.o.b.: 29.09.1996)

Life and career[edit]

He first joined the BBC as a trainee radio reporter in 1981 and then worked for BBC Radio Leeds in the mid-1980s. Since then he has worked on The Today programme covering amongst other issues The First Gulf War(1991). He then had a spell in New York but returned in 1992 to work as a BBC News reporter.

Since then he has worked as a sports correspondent and as a South Asia correspondent from 2001. He became BBC Nairobi correspondent in August 2004.

He was embedded with US Marines during the second (2003) Gulf War. His experiences were published in a book written by BBC correspondents.

In 2009 he returned to the UK and became a BBC World Affairs Correspondent. [2] After 3 years at G4S plc as Director of Media Relations, he joined the Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei in September 2014. His 'Who's Who' entry indicates he likes to start DIY projects.


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