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Adam Stemple, author and professional musician is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the son of writer Jane Yolen and her late husband David Stemple.

He has been a member of the rock-and-reel band Cats Laughing as well as lead singer/guitarist for twelve years of Boiled in Lead. He is currently with the Irish band Tim Malloys. Author of a number of published short stories, he is also co-author (with Jane Yolen) of the Rock 'n Roll Fairy Tale series beginning with Pay the Piper (Tor).[1] "A Piece of Flesh" was chosen as one of ten short stories included in Year's Best SF and Fantasy for Teens. Stemple's first solo novel is Singer of Souls (Tor) ISBN 0-7653-1170-4.

Stemple has written a series of historical whodunnits set in Feudal Japan, featuring the sleuthing duo of Ken'ichi and his samurai master Shichiro. Some of these tales have been published in the historical fiction magazine, Paradox.

Stemple co-wrote nine songs with science fiction and fantasy author Steven Brust on Songs from the Gypsy, a Boiled in Lead enhanced CD. The CD has the distinction of including the full text of the novel The Gypsy, which Brust co-authored with Megan Lindholm and upon which the songs were based.

Stemple produced and performed on Brust's album A Rose for Iconoclastes.[2]

Prior to Boiled in Lead, Stemple was in Cats Laughing,[2] which also included notable fantasy/science fiction authors Steven Brust and Emma Bull. Boiled in Lead, Cats Laughing and his current group, the Tim Malloys, all have common musical roots of Celtic and rock styles.


  • Troll Bridge: A Rock 'n' Roll Fairy Tale (Starscape 2006, with Jane Yolen.) ISBN 0-7653-1426-6

Short stories[edit]

  • "The Three Truths" (Paradox, Issue 6, Winter 2004-2005)
  • "Kitsune" (Paradox, Issue 9, Summer 2006)

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