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Adamantius (ISSN 1126-6244) is an annual academic journal, edited by an Italian research group, reporting on "Origen and the Alexandrian Tradition".[1] It appears to derive its name from Origen's nickname, adamantios (αδαμαντιος), which means "unconquerable" in Greek. It is indexed in L'Année Philologique, which records volume 1 as occurring in the year 1995.[2] It is published by Morcelliana, a Brescia publishing house.The corresponding secretaries are Lorenzo Perrone and Antonio Cacciari of the Classical Philology department 'Alma Mater Studiorum' of Bologna University. The Scientific Committee includes members from France (Dorival, Le Boulluec), Italy (Filoramo, Moreschini), Geneva (Norelli), Australia (Runia) Berlin (Markschies), Oxford &Jerusalem (Stroumsa), Virginia (Wilken).

The research group was established in 1996 as a co-operative venture of six state universities: Chieti, Genoa, Padua, Perugia, Pisa, and Turin.


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