Adarnase III of Tao

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Adarnase III of Tao (died 896) was a Georgian prince of the Bagratid dynasty of Tao-Klarjeti and hereditary ruler of Tao with the title of eristavt-eristavi, "duke of dukes".

Adarnase was the oldest son of Gurgen I of Tao upon whose death in a dynastic strife he succeeded in 891. Adarnase's tenure was short-lived. He died six years after his accession, leaving two sons and a daughter behind:

  • David, the oldest son of Adarnase, also had the title of eristavt-eristavi. He must have been very young when his father died, and it is doubtful, if he ever ruled himself. He died in 908 and did not leave any son behind.[1]
  • Gurgen II, "the Great", duke of Tao
  • Dinar, proselytizing queen of Hereti


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