Adarshgram, Tikarampur

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Adarshgram tikarampur is a village located in the Mahauli panchayat of Munger district, Bihar state, India.[1] It is located near the Chandi Asthan temple. Suresh Chandra Yadav Tola is one of the prominent part of this village. Munger Bridge Connecting Munger District and Khagaria District is under Construction. Jamalpur is nearest railway station through which Munger bus stand can be reached. For further journey to tikarampur, rickshaw or taxis can be hired near Munger Bus stand. Tikarampur is historical place but has changed a lot in recent times with respect to development and progress. This was resulted due to constant aversion of soil by floods in river ganges every year, which has pushed the village to outskirts of Munger city. It was very far from Munger and was very near the banks of ganges. Initially and even in present day, two Tikarampur village exists, both near banks of river Ganges. The other side Tikarampur comes under Khagaria district. This village and the setup of village is notorious and this area is known as DIYARA which is famous for its dacoits. In past years, numerous people used to get killed because of land issues because land is located at the banks of river ganga. That leaves no method of measuring the land because the area keeps on changing every year due to floods.


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