Adas Bank

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Adas Bank is located in India
Adas Bank
Adas Bank
Location of Adas Bank in the Indian Ocean

Adas Bank is a submerged bank located off the west coast of India, between Angria Bank (200 km to the north) and Cora Divh bank of the Laccadive Islands (90 km to the south). The closest coast of land is the Indian mainland close to Goa, which is 180 km ENE of Adas Bank. It is not considered part of the Laccadive Islands anymore, but nevertheless one of the northernmost features of the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge. The least depth of the bank is 70 meters.

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Coordinates: 14°40′N 72°16′E / 14.667°N 72.267°E / 14.667; 72.267