Addicted to You (Hikaru Utada song)

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"Addicted to You"
Single by Hikaru Utada
from the album Distance
Released November 10, 1999
Format CD, Regular Single
Recorded 1999 at Flyte Tyme Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota and mixed at Flyte Tyme, Edina, Minnesota
Genre Pop, R&B
Label EMI Music Japan
Writer(s) Hikaru Utada
Producer(s) Hikaru Utada, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Alex Richbourg
Hikaru Utada singles chronology
"First Love"
"Addicted to You"
"Wait & See: Risk"

"Addicted to You" is a song by Hikaru Utada, released as her fifth overall single (4th Japanese-language), released on November 10, 1999. It sold 1,784,000 copies and hit number one on the Oricon charts for two consecutive weeks, selling 1,067,510 in its first week. It was her breakthrough single into Japan being the second highest first week sales in Japan of all time only behind Mr. Children's 1996 single "Namonaki Uta". The single was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for Flyte Tyme Productions. In addition, the cover photos of the single were taken by the late legendary photographer, Richard Avedon. It currently holds the record for the third-highest one-week sales in Japan. This is Japan's 39th best selling single.

Addicted to You was the CM song for Sony's Media & Battery Red Hot Campaign, and there were even limited edition MD's released with Utada's name on them. Two versions were on the single, the Up-In-Heaven Mix and the Underwater Mix, though only the Up-In-Heaven Mix had radio play and its own PV. Produced & arranged by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for Flyte Tyme Productions. This single reached #1 on Oricon charts and charted for 16 weeks. Addicted To You was the #6 single of 1999 in Japan, as it had sold 1,290,000 singles by this point. Strangely, Addicted To You also became the #48 single of 2000, as into 2000 it sold 493,960 units. If the single were released earlier in 1999 or in 2000, it could have made the #2 spot easily in either of these yearly charts. This single reached #27 on World Charts for single airplay, and reached #48 for sales. The most recent figures (May 26, 2006) show that the single sold 1,784,050 units total, making this Utada's most successful single of all-time.


All songs written and composed by Hikaru Utada, and arranged by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. 

No. Title Length
1. "Addicted to You (Up-in-Heaven Mix)"   5:19
2. "Addicted to You (Underwater Mix)"   6:17
3. "Addicted to You (Up-in-Heaven Mix) (Instrumental)"   5:21
4. "Addicted to You (Underwater Mix) (Instrumental)"   4:08

The tracks (1 & 3) were produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)
Release Chart Peak position Debut Sales Sales total Chart run
November 10, 1999 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 1,067,510 1,784,050 16
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 6


Preceded by
"Arashi" by Arashi
Oricon Weekly number one single
November 22, 1999 - November 29, 1999
Succeeded by
"Chokotto Love" by Petitmoni