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Addiction Foods Pte Ltd.
Industry Pet food
Founded Te Puke, New Zealand
Headquarters Singapore, Te Puke, New Zealand
Area served
Products Dog food and cat food
Owner Addiction Foods Pte Ltd.

Addiction Foods is a manufacturer of hypoallergenic dog food and cat food based in New Zealand and Australia.


Addiction Foods was founded by a holistic veterinarian and clinical nutritionist who developed the foods based on his clinical experience with cats and dogs with skin diseases and gastrointestinal conditions caused by allergies to beef, chicken, lamb and artificial additives.[1]


Addiction Foods makes products for both dogs and cats using novel protein sources not found in other food brands such as wild kangaroo, New Zealand brushtail and unagi eel. Also used is venison, king salmon, and dried seaweed.

Addiction Foods is the only worldwide pet food manufacturer to use the NZ Brushtail / Possum and Australian kangaroo. The reason is two-fold. In New Zealand, the brushtail possum was introduced in the 20th century from Australia where they became a major pest species.[2][3][4] In Australia, farmers and ranchers view the kangaroo as a pest and nuisance that impedes cattle ranching.[5] By using brushtail possum and kangaroo, the Addiction Foods company utilizes two pests to help stabilize a small but important part of the ecology of both countries and create foods which contains higher levels of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids than other red meats and fish.[6]


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