Addington Village tram stop

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Addington Village Handicapped/disabled access
Addington Village tramstop western entrance.JPG
The tram stop and bus station (in background)
Place Addington Village
Local authority London Borough of Croydon
Managed by Tramlink
Platforms in use 2
Date opened 2000
Transport for London
Zone 3,4,5,6
Total boardings and alightings
2009-2010 0.532 million[1]
2010-2011 0.549 million[2]
Transport for London

Coordinates: 51°21′23″N 0°01′59″W / 51.356252°N 0.032966°W / 51.356252; -0.032966

Addington Village tram stop, also known as Addington Interchange, is a light rail stop and associated bus station serving Addington Village in the London Borough of Croydon in the southern suburbs of London.


The tram stop is served by Tramlink route 3, which connects Wimbledon with nearby New Addington via central Croydon.

London Buses[edit]

The bus station is served by London Buses services which provides interchange from bus to tram services for access right across South London. (as of August 2014) [3]


Side Platform
Eastbound Route 3 towards New Addington
Westbound Route 3 towards Wimbledon
Side Platform


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Preceding tram stop   Tramlink no-text roundel.svg Tramlink   Following tram stop
towards Wimbledon
Route 3
towards New Addington