Addis Ababa Light Rail

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Addis Ababa Light Rail
Locale Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Transit type Light rail
Number of lines 2 (planned)
Number of stations 41 (planned)
Operation will start Mid-2015 (projected)
System length 34.25 km (21.3 mi) (planned)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Overhead catenary
Top speed 80 km/h (50 mph)

There is a light rail system under construction in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.[1] It is being contracted by the China Railway Group Limited. The Ethiopian Railway Corporation began construction of the 34.25 km double track electrified light rail transit project in December 2011 after securing funds from the Export-Import Bank of China.[2] There will be a two initial lines. It is projected that the project will take three years to complete, which corresponds to an opening date for the system circa 2015.[1]


The two line rail lines will extend 17.35 km from east to west stretching from Ayat Village to Tor Hailoch, passing through Megenagna, Legehar and Mexico Square. The north-south line, which will have a rail track 16.9 km in length will pass through Menelik Square, Merkato, Lideta, Legehar, Meskel Square, Gotera and Kaliti. The two lines will have a common track of about 2.8 km.[2]

The Addis Ababa Light Rail will have a total of 41 stations each with a capacity to carry 286 passengers. This will enable the light rail transit to provide a transportation service to 15,000 people per hour in one direction and 60,000 in all four directions.[2]


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