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Additional Mathematics is a UK qualification pilot scheme in its final year of implementation for a GCSE level qualification in mathematics which is applied to a range of problems set out in a different format to the standard Mathematics GCSE. This has been formed due to the standard secondary schools in England offering two GCSE qualifications in Science and English but only one in Mathematics and as Mathematics is also a core subject it needs to be viewed on the same level as the other two core subjects (Science and English.)

GCSE Additional Mathematics in Northern Ireland[edit]

In Northern Ireland, Additional Mathematics is offered as a GCSE subject by the local examination board, CCEA. There are two examination papers: one which tests topics in Pure Mathematics and one which tests topics in Mechanics and Statistics. It continues to be a very popular subject with many students taking it as preparation for AS Mathematics.

Further Pure Maths IGCSE[edit]

Starting from 2012, Edexcel and AQA have started a new course, now that Additional Maths has been abolished, which is an IGCSE in Further Maths.Edexcel and AQA both offer completely different courses, with Edexcel going into the calculation of solids formed through integration and AQA not touching on integration.AQA's syllabus mainly offers further algebra, with the factor theorem and more complex algebra such as algebraic fractions as well as differentiation up to and including the calculation of normals to a curve.AQA's syllabus also includes a lot of matrices work, which is an AS Further Mathematics topic.AQA's syllabus is much more famous than Edexcels, mainly for its controversial decision to award an A* with Distinction(A^),a grade higher than the maximum possible grade in any Level 2 qualification-it is commonly known colloquially as a Super A* or A**.

Additional Mathematics in Malaysia[edit]

In Malaysia, Additional Mathematics is offered as an elective to upper secondary students studying within the public education system. This subject is included in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. Science stream students are required to apply Additional Mathematics as one of the subjects in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. Additional Mathematics is an optional subject for students taking Accounting.

Additional Mathematics in Mauritius[edit]

In Mauritius, Additional Mathematics is offered in secondary school as an optional subject in the Arts Streams and it is a compulsory subject in the Science, Technical and Economics Stream. This subject is included in the University of Cambridge International Examinations. Topics that are covered in the Additional Mathematics syllabus include functions, quadratic equations, differentiation and integration (calculus).

Additional Mathematics in Hong Kong[edit]

In Hong Kong, the syllabus of HKCEE additional mathematics covered two main topics, algebra and calculus. In algebra, some topics are mathematical induction, binomial theorem, trigonometry, inequalities. In calculus, differentiation, integration, and 2D-vectors. After the replacement of the new syllabus, i.e. the module 2 of mathematics, some new topics are added: matrix and determinant, and an introduction to the Euler's number.