Adel Adham

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Adel Adham
عادل أدهم
Born (1928-03-28)March 28, 1928
Died February 1, 1996(1996-02-01) (aged 67)

Adel Adham (Arabic: عادل أدهم‎; March 28, 1928 – February 1, 1996) was one of Egypt's most famous actors. He was known for his portrayal of evil and ambiguous characters. His mother was half Turkish.

His debut in cinema was the year 1945 in the film Laila, Daughter of the Poor (1945).

In his most recent film before his death, his character was told by another character that he will go to hell. Adham's character's response? "Well, if we go to heaven, we will not find anyone we know!"



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