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The Adelaide Review is a news-magazine founded by Christopher Pearson in 1985 in Adelaide, South Australia.[1] In the period 2004-07, it was usually published fortnightly.

"The Adelaide Review sees its function as providing insightful review and analysis of the issues, culture and lifestyle shaping Adelaide and South Australia; to be intelligent, informed, critical and independent; to be essential, objective and balanced; to have credibility and integrity."[citation needed]

Interstate and overseas residents are able to subscribe to the publication and have it delivered by post.

It is one of only three "broad-spectrum non-Murdoch print media" publications in Adelaide, the others being SA Life and The Independent Weekly.[2][3] It is/was owned by the Spanish publisher Javier Moll.[2][4][5][6]


The Adelaide Review has existed in a number of forms since the 1980s,[7][8] as both a magazine and a newspaper. The first edition came out in March 1984.

In the year April 2003–March 2004, CAB-audited average monthly circulation was 38,642.[8]


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